Super Special Weobley Castle (It’s Not Quite A Castle)

A 14th-century fortified manor house on the Gower Peninsula, Wales built between 1304 and 1327 by the de la Bere family.

As with so many castles in this part of the world, Owain Glynd┼Ár had a bash at destroying it in the early 15th century and although he and his forces did some damage, most of it was left standing. It’s thought by some that John de la Bere who died in 1403 was a casualty of Glynd┼Ár’s incursion.

It’s a castle that isn’t really a castle which has some smashing views and a bizarre assortment of window styles. ┬áClearly the De La Bere family couldn’t make up their minds about what sort of windows they preferred so had a variety. ┬áIt must have been the medieval version of letting your teenage daughter paint their bedroom black because they are going through a goth phase.┬á