Llawhaden Castle. A Castle Built By A Bishop Called Bernard.

Llawhaden Castle or Castell Llanhuadain in the native Welsh tongue is a sprawling ruin of a castle in Pembrokeshire in southwest Wales. It and the surrounding lands were owned by the Bishopric of the Diocese of St David and was the only ecclesiastically-ruled Marcher Lordship. A motte and bailey were built by the first Norman Bishop, Bernard, in 1115 of which only the moat survives.

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  1. nicholas hopper

    Cool ‘castle’ – what would it have looked like when not all fallydowny….the ‘oubliette’ is fascinating – there’s a cracking one in Orford Castle’s dungeon – a great place oft visited by a much younger Baron Nick & in a village with………a couple of super hostelries!

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